It is called bullying, harassment or bullying that any activity of derived psychological, oral or physical offense created by students insisted and constantly for a long period of time.

According to graphs and analysis the predominant forms of violence are the verbal which are mostly carried out in classrooms and corridors.

Bullying is a form of abuse, organized and systematic, where trigger submits to the damaged to remain silent about the role and encourages apathy or collaboration of other students.

This form of school abuse is indeed, identified thanks to facing redundancy to threat to the victim, wrapping a domination of authority which is deployed by a stronger than someone provocative “which can be simple perception or a reality”. The individual who is harassed is, as such, unsafe physically and psychologically to the individual offender, creating great psychological damage as derivative.

Commonly people who are harassed and harassed it spend 1800W and it causes much fear simply go to your school, and constantly nervous, distressed and antisocialist are shown in their day to day. In certain cases, bullying callosity arrives to achieve and lead to thoughts of suicide, and even its realization, which is a derivative of excessive harassment towards the victims.

Bullying situations to express an arbitrary domain, where the harasser manages to intimidate and ridicule his victim which as we mentioned back believed to be stronger than him. Little by little, the victim begins to feel different emotional problems arising from this situation, which may for example be nerves to go to school, solitary, etc…

Bullying has become one of the main problems for many parents. Therefore, it is crucial for all to provide care to every attitude and features related to the identification of bullying in children.